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We've Been Busy.

Yes, we’ve been quiet for a while… and we’ve been quite busy too.

Full disclosure, we got behind on some customer bike builds. We are happy to report we have made right with each customer and are back on track. There is nothing more important to our business than our customers, and we appreciate them/you so much. We have always prided ourselves on making our customers’ experiences great, resulting in an amazing bespoke bike for each. A few months ago we went through a rough spot where unfortunately some of our customers’ experiences were not great. For that we are sincerely sorry and very grateful that they stuck it out with us. We are happy to report that we have recovered and those customers (as with our customers over the last 10 years) are receiving amazing, bespoke bikes as promised.

During this period (and for some time now), we have taken a hard look at our business model, analyzing the market as well as our own strengths & weaknesses. We have taken a hard look at the future and current climate of the custom motorcycle market. We are happy to report changes are in the works.

First order of business was to take care of existing customers before we did anything else. No new customers. No new projects, etc.

Now that we are wrapping up our backlog of customer bikes, we’ve started to implement some of the new directional changes for Brass Balls Cycles.

• We will continue to hand craft bespoke, ground up, custom production motorcycles… but on a limited basis and only for a select number of clients. We will be removing some of the bike models from our current offering and only focus on building the bikes that make sense for us and our customers.

• Realizing that a ground up custom bike may not be for everyone, we are also offering a less expensive price segment by customizing Harley’s & other cool bikes, and giving them a Brass Balls Cycles signature look.

• Finally, we are developing a custom Brass Balls Cycles parts line. Our parts will reflect our style of timeless cool design, marrying form & function. It is our hope that more riders will become part of the Brass Balls family and take a piece of us along for the ride.

Not only have we been building custom bikes for customers, but we have also recently finished a co-branded custom chopper with PBR (Pabst Blue Ribbon) which is being raffled to support our troops through the Warriors For Freedom charity. Only $10 tickets. It’s a badass bike. More to come on it soon.

Given that we recently celebrated our 10 year anniversary, combined with other new changes around here, we’ve decided to update our brand. With that we are introducing a new corporate logo and supplemental graphics. We are also working with an amazing company to help us develop a new website which has a tentative launch date of August 1st. We can’t wait to share it with the world.

Please tell your friends to check us out, online at BrassBallsCycles.com and on social medias. Stay tuned and Thank you so much for your support.

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