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Consumers Can Find Relief With a 40+ mpg Custom-Production Bobbers

Bailout Program


On all 6 speed Bobbers and Choppers


On all 5 speed Bobbers and Choppers

The Oklahoma-based custom bike manufacturer specializes in building a line of race-inspired quality motorbikes for the “average Joe.”

“In this time of financial and energy challenges I am delivering two crucial benefits to the American bike-riding public and that is fuel efficient 40+ mpg motorbikes and up to $1,000 off on a custom-production motorcycle,” explained Dar Holdsworth, Capo, Darwin Motorcycles. “Our program is designed for motorbike enthusiasts and we will be providing this incentive to all until December 31, 2008.”

Darwin Motorcycles, manufacturer of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers is sending relief to all men and women with $500 off on 5 speed and $1,000 off on 6 speed motorcycles, which runs through December 31, 2008. - Call 405.285.0808 for more details.

Darwin Motorcycles began with the idea of “Offering the above average bike to the average Joe” and has continued the value proposition with custom motorcycles that allow enthusiasts to get into the Bobber and Chopper lifestyle for less than $17,995. The reason why Darwin Motorcycles can deliver a sharp and creative motorcycle at such a competitive price is because of the economies of scale that are built into the manufacturing process.

The custom-production bobbers and choppers utilize fuel efficient engines. At the heart of each build is one of three models using Harley-Davidson® EVO, S&S® Shovelhead motors, as well as a unique re-engineered Indian® V-Plus engine.

Enthusiasts looking to get started with a custom-production Bobber need only to log in at Brass Balls Bobbers website at www.darwinmotorcycles.com and design their own motorcycle online.

About Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers

With a strong team at the helm and a slate of innovative, high-performance designs that blend vintage with contemporary, Darwin Motorcycles is primed and quickly becoming one of the leading motorcycle shops in the country attracting new riders and setting trends through their Above Average Bobber program.

NHTSA Manufacturer

Darwin Motorcycles, manufacturer of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers, is a registered & licensed NHTSA Manufaturer and listed with Kelley Blue Book and N.A.D.A. services. Our bikes are easy to finance and insure.

Call Brass Balls Bobbers @ 405.285.0808 For Details

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