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Piston-Helmet Derby Covers for Harley Davidson

Piston-Helmet Derby Covers for Sportsters 04-up with the Brass Balls Cycles Piston-Helmet design logo

Our Piston-Helmet Derby Covers for Harley-Davidson and Custom Bikes are now available.

This long awaited design has been in the build que for some time now. The Piston-Helmet Derby Covers were designed several months ago but only recently have been produced. They are so badass! The machines are running non-stop turning out so many new Brass Balls Cycles parts. We are committed to get our full line of new parts to dealers and customers to enjoy. The derby covers are the most recent of our new parts to get produced and now debuted. We are stoked about how they turned out.

The Piston-Helmet logo is fast becoming an iconic logo design for us. This logo has quickly become sought after by many. We call it our “fun” logo. Our interlocking BB logo is our official corporate mark. The Piston-Helmet design works well as a design element on several of our parts. Our interlocking BB logo is usually placed in a less prominent location on our parts. We place it where it makes sense to convey the part is an official Brass Balls Cycles part.

It was obvious to us from the start that the Piston-Helmet design would lend itself well to the Derby Covers.

It is currently available for Sportsters 1996-2003 and 2004-2017. We also have it for Dyna & Touring models (twin cam) from 1999-2017. Piston-Helmet Derby Covers for Harley Davidson Milwaukee 8 platform available soon.

We designed the Piston-Helmet Derby Covers with the premise of keeping the design, simple, strong and elegant.

Our derby covers are machined from aircraft grade 6061 T6 Billet aluminum for it’s lightweight and strength. We’ve constructed them as low profile as possible without degrading the structural integrity of the parts.

After the parts are machined to shape, they are jet black anodized. They are then put back on the CNC where the Piston-Helmet design is machined out revealing the natural aluminum in a contrast to the black.

Our Piston-Helmet Derby Covers for Harley Davidson use your existing gasket and are a direct replacement for stock, using stock hardware. Get your Brass Balls Cycle, Piston-Helmet Derby Cover at your local dealer or store.BrassBallsCycles.com

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