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Has it really been that long?

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Has is really been that long since we’ve done a blog post? The answer is yes.

What’s been going on in motorcycle skunkworks? Our head has been buried in the sand so to speak. Not really. But it might seem like it. We’ve been working quite hard without coming up for air. If you follow us on social media you’ve seen our ambitious efforts to develop a complete parts line that includes parts for Harley Davidson and custom motorcycles. We started with cool bolt on parts that are easy for customers to install themselves on their Sportster, Dyna, Softail, Bobber, Chopper, Tracker, etc… We’ve even started developing parts for Baggers… HOLD THE PHONE! Yes more parts, including parts for touring bikes ( Baggers ) are in development and coming down the pike. Stay tuned.

In retrospect, we should have been posting all along about the development of each new product. We’ll try to do that going forward. We’ll also make attempts to go back and post what inspired the design & development on the parts we’ve created over the last few months.

Thank you for your support and interest in what we’re up to. Be sure to check out our socials feeds, username: brassballscycles

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