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Gold BBMX Foot Pegs and Their Back Story

Gold BBMX Foot Pegs by Brass Balls Cycles for Harley Davidson and custom motorcycles

Gold BBMX Foot Pegs are here, and they are amazing.

As much as we’d like to jump right into the Gold BBMX foot pegs, perhaps first we should recap the original BBMX pegs and tell you a bit about how they came to be and their design inspiration.

We never did a post about our BBMX foot pegs and have been meaning to do a recap post but we’ve just never gotten around to it (busy busy busy). The next thing you know, we’ve got 3 different colors of BBMX foot pegs.

The BBMX foot pegs hold a special place in the history of Brass Balls Cycles.

In 2016 after being in business for 10 years, we made a decision to transition from being solely a bike manufacturer, to being a both a custom parts design company and bike manufacturer.

A lot of planning went into this new direction for our company as well as logistical changes. By Q3 2016 we were starting to design custom production parts.

In Q4 2016 our first custom part, the BBMX Foot Pegs, were developed and produced.

The design inspiration for the BBMX foot pegs comes from the BMX bikes I so loved as a child. Reflecting back on my youth and the thrill of my very own custom built BMX bike. It was the Summer of 1982 and I remember it like it was yesterday. Unfortunately my family struggled financially and I had never owned a bicycle.

The summer after 7th grade I worked painting apartments with the goal of building a BMX bicycle.

With each pay check, I purchased a different component of the bike. First was a used Mongoose BMX frame, which I had chromed. Next were those signature star nylon wheels, then the GT bars and seat post, etc, etc. By the end of the summer I had purchased all the parts and assembled a stunning BMX bike. You can imagine how proud I was after painting apartments 8 hours a day for 3 months. My whole summer vacation was utilized for the single purpose to build the bike of my dreams, a bike that was previously unobtainable. Two weeks into the new school year my bike was stolen, never to be seen again. But for those two weeks I was king of the road. For those two weeks I knew what it felt like to ride a badass bike, one that I had built myself, one that others wanted.

I suppose that’s where it started for me, not just the desire to create and build, but the work ethic to see it through.

Our BBMX foot pegs are not just another set of pegs for your motorcycle. They are the culmination of years of work ethic, thoughtful design and the inspiration from a child’s first BMX bike, which was built one awesome part at a time.

Just like that BMX bike 35 years ago, there are no short cuts in crafting our BBMX foot pegs today. They are precision machined from 6061 T6 billet aluminum and have a chrome plated steel clevis that allows for adjustable peg angle. Our BBMX foot pegs are available in three finishes, Natural aluminum finish, Black anodized with contrast cut speed holes, and now Gold anodized with contrast cut speed holes.

BBMX foot pegs are made in America

Brass Balls Cycles parts are available at your local dealer or at our store. If your local dealer does not carry Brass Balls Cycles parts, ask them to offer them and to contact us. We’ll be happy to support them so they can support you.

Thank you for your interest in what we do. If you like our parts or our bikes and what we’re about, we’d appreciate you tell a friend or two.

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