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Customer Bike Kit Progress

I love getting pics from our customers who are building their own bike using our bike kits. Each person has a unique style that is represented in the bike they design and build.

This customer selected our Bobber kit. However, he already had a power train as well as some other parts. So he did not need to purchase the entire bike kit. With our phase system, he was able to purchase only the phases he needed.

I’m really loving his old school style… the Shovel head with magneto, the 4 speed kicker, the spun aluminum oil tank and the sissy bar with eagle are all cool distinguishing features.

How will you build your bike. This is one of the coolest projects you will ever undertake. Now is the time. Don’t delay. Click here to see all options on our kits. 

We have the best customers!

You can do it. We can help!





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