Challenge Coin Fuel Cap - Polished

Challenge Coin Fuel Cap - Polished


Brass Balls Cycles Fuel Cap - Polished

Challenge Coin not included *Use your own challenge coin

Inspired by the Challenge Coin cap we designed for our Navy charity bike. We thought it would be cool to design a Brass Balls Cycles Challenge Coin fuel cap. As as it turns out… It is.. Very cool.

Made in Oklahoma City, USA. This cap is machined from aircraft grade 6061 billet aluminum. It comes with a Viton O-ring, which is impervious to todays modern fuels and won't brake down and risk damaging your paint. 
The aluminum cap is polished. We also offer black anodized in our store.
Choose the size of your challenge coin from our options of 1.5", 1.75", and 2".