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IronWorks Magazine and Bikernet Reports on the build - It could be yours

Part 1 - Building The Digger Bobber

You can’t officially begin a bike project until you’ve got a place to hang all the bits and pieces. That, of course, means you must start with a frame, and that’s where Part 1 of our giveaway project bike begins.

Like all of Brass Balls Bobbers’ frames, this essential foundation for our bike is made of hand-bent tubing that’s hand-fit and hand-welded by a team boasting years of experience at this sort of thing…

Part 2 - Building The Giveaway Bobber

If the frame can be described as the bike’s skeleton, then certainly the powertrain equates to its muscle. By powertrain, we reference the transmission, primary drive and, of course, the engine. In terms of our Brass Balls Bobber giveaway bike, that ensemble includes one of Baker Drivetrain’s all-new Powerbox 6-speed transmissions, a Tauer Machine primary and clutch assembly, and one of Crazy Horse Motorcycles’ 100-cubic-inch engines.

A Crime Scene InvestigationPart 3 - It’s A Crime To Giveaway This Bobber

Dar Holdsworth brought the Giveaway Bobber to Sturgis and showed the roller at Bikernet’s Brouhaha.

Holdsworth used the Crime Scene Choppers’ Rapide series from front to rear, which includes the headlight, air cleaner and taillight. The design is reminiscent of another era with a beautiful scallop pattern and matching grill.

The Rumble Heard Across the USofA Part 4 - Titanium-style exhaust for the Giveaway Bobber

The focus is on custom controls, ergonomics and tone. You wrapped these three together and you have your senses living in the comfort zone of the motorbike. The brass controls from Todd’s Cycle are substantial in your hands and allows you to control your environment. Rich Product’s hand-tooled leather seat is slim and made with medical-spec gel. The custom-production exhaust is light and bullet proof because of the stainless steel construction. Sound? It bites the air and delivers a deep throat rumble.

Paint on the TInsPart 5Putting the Color in the Tins

After all the parts and pieces have been decided upon and after all the parts have been fabricated and put together on the mock up, it is time to disassemble and send out for paint and plating.

The Brass Balls / Bikernet / IronWorks giveaway bobber gets finished in black and gold. It looks old-school but comes with the latest exhaust, tranny and engine technology. The paint and fabrication looks outstanding.

Giveaway Bobber is CompletedPart 6Mission Accomplished

The final installment of the epic Brass Balls Choppers and Bobbers build. The entire team at Brass Balls, IronWorks and Bikernet.com came together with all the suppliers to put together and outstanding custom motorcycle.

The custom bobber not only looks good… it goes like stink.

If you are not the winner of the Brass Balls Bobbers/IronWorks/bikernet.com giveaway bobber, don’t worry. We are building another giveaway bobber in 2010!


Only The Best Components Will Do

Each company that got involved with the Brass Balls Bobbers/IronWorks giveaway project provided us with their premium components. For example, D&D Exhaust custom fit three sets of performance pipes in order to get the pipe that hits the horsepower numbers and provides a show quality look. Baker provided us with their first PowerBox transmissions and boy does it work sweet.

We are having a blast working with all of our sponsors to get the right stuff for our world-class digger. Take a minute and click on the logos below to see some of the best components that you can use on your motorcycle today.

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