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Brass Balls PBR Chopper For Our Troops : Recap

PBR chopper & hot girl model

We built a Brass Balls PBR Chopper

 And raffled it to support our troops!

We collaborated with PBR, yes iconic Pabst Blue Ribbon, to create a promotion that would raise awareness and funding for our veterans. We decided on a Brass Balls PBR Chopper, but not just any Chopper. This wasn’t to be one of our new, ground up production custom bikes. This bike had to be unique, a bike with a soul, a bike that could be remade into something special, just like our military service members.

For this, we started with a 1973 Ironhead which was donated by Rebel Rock Entertainment founder, Jim Jonsin. The bike had been parked outside in south Florida for the past 20 years. Needless to say, the elements and salty air took it’s toll on the bike. Almost all of the bike was discarded. We kept only the motor and front end, which needed quite a makeover.

We completely disassembled the motor, blasted it, cleaned it and replaced tired & damaged parts, then put it all back together. Big thanks to Nate for his master motor work. It was major surgery.

We built a completely new PBR Chopper around the vintage motor.

We enlisted several industry friends to help, and boy did they. I have to say, we work in such a great industry. So many talented and generous people & companies. We’d like to highlight and publicly thank those who contributed to the build.

TC Bros: Foot Controls, Pegs, Air Cleaner, Bars, Tag bracket

Led Sled: Chassis, fender & Oil tank

Avon: Tires

Hix Design: Seat work

Manny at Manny’s Fineline, did an amazing job & Killed the paint!

David at Custom Powdercoat did a great job on the candy powder chassis. Gus at Outlaw Polishing brought back the shine on several parts, including the motor & primary.

We built a Brass Balls PBR Chopper

Brian as always, did a solid job putting the puzzle together.

Congratulations to Ken Miller for winning the bike.

The bike was raffled in conjunction with Warriors for Freedom, to help support their efforts to support our troops. Big congrats to Ken, who is understandably thrilled to be the new owner of this one of a kind bike.

Special thanks to Tyler Wolff for great pics, for our industry friends who stepped up, but most importantly to PBR, who made this charitable chopper possible.


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