F3 In Shanghai, Featured on Bikernet.com

Where does inspiration come from? It’s all around us. What encourages someone to push the boundries of what is the norm? I continually look for those opportunities.

A few years ago, a very special customer walked into my life who had a vision of a bike that did not fit the norm. I still remember him describing to me his vision for his bike.

He wanted something all aluminum with simple elegant lines, similar to the Porsche Speedster that James Dean drove. He also wanted a touch of Art Deco represented in the bike. I remember telling him, “to do this properly, we’ll need to machine the tanks and fenders”… and to my amazement he said, “well let’s do it then.”

Together we shot ideas back and forth. The creative brainstorming was invigorating with the possibilities of creating a truly unique and timeless bike.

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