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In keeping with our legacy of designing timeless bikes, we have just revealed our 2014 Vintage American, a blending of vintage & modern styling, combined with the use of uncompromising, high quality components.The Vintage American comes standard with a choice of vintage reproduction motors from S&S. The results are an uncompromisingly crafted, timelessly styled motorcycle, that will look great and be reliable for years to come.

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 Frame Structure / suspension $0.00
 Motor & Powertrain $0.00
 Wheels & Tires $0.00
 Brakes $0.00
 Tanks & Caps $0.00
 Fenders $0.00
 Controls - Grips & Pegs $0.00
 Lighting - Gauges - Mirrors $0.00
 Bars - Risers - Signals $0.00
 Seating & Passenger set-up $0.00
 Finish $0.00
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Base price: $30,615

Total: $30,615
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