Dar Holdsworth

Dar is a guy who's life did not expose him to bike building early on. Dar spent his adolescent years in an orphanage. He was adopted during his teen years and joined the Air Force after high school. Shortly after returning from Desert Storm, Dar's time in the military had expired and he was moving on to a career in printing and manufacturing displays for the retail industry.

Prior to Darwin Motorcycles,Dar started and operated a successfulVisual/ Design business, providing signage, displays and fixtures to the retail industry. Dar has always been creative and driven.

Dar was a customer of Racing Innovations, collaborating on and helping build a few bikes with Sam Wills. While building a bike for Dar’s dad (who adopted him at age 16), Dar approached Sam with a business proposal to design and build bikes together, "To offer the above average bike to the average Joe".

Through the support of his loving wife Latrisha, the good fortune to know Sam as a friend and bike building mentor, combined with pure drive & talent to do what he truly loves (design & build bikes), Dar created Darwin Motorcycles in 2006. In 2008 Darwin Motorcycles moved to it’s current facility.

Dar is happily (and lucky) to be married to Latrisha Holdsworth and have 3 amazing children; Will, Jack, and Olivia.

Dar is a vet, a family man and a creative mastermind. He is driven and the driving force behind Brass Balls Cycles...

Uncompromising American Motorcycles.