Starting at $59,995
Starting at $19,895
Selected as a Top 10 Bike of the Year 2010 by Easyriders & V-Twin magazines and recognized by Barnett’s magazine as one of the best bikes for the money. Loaded with high quality American components at a great value. The Model 1 is the essence of what a bike should be. American power cloaked in elegant simplicity. The original “Above average bike for the average Joe.”
Starting at $26,485
The Digger has placed 3rd & 5th in the World Championships of Custom/Production bike building. It combines superior quality & unmistakeable American Styling. The Digger is built on the same platform as the Model 1, however, you can select from a multitude of custom a’la cart options and have us build your Digger specifically to match your unique style.
Starting at $26,980
Awarded 2009 Production Bobber of The Year by Easyriders & V-Twin magazines. This bike reflects old school styling, yet has a look all it’s own. It is set off with a Paughco tank, knuckle bars and matching meaty rubber front and rear. High quality American Style at a great value.
Starting at $45,355
Placed 2nd in the 2010 World Championships of Custom bike building. Chosen as Production/ Custom Bike of theYear 2010 by Cycle Source magazine.The Brawler GT has been tested on race circuits, at the drag strip and road trips across America. With a rubber mounted powertrain, performance brakes & suspension, and an FXR inspired chassis, this bike is the best all around sport cruiser, Period.
Starting at $27,335
The 69 Chopper made it’s debut at the 2010 World Championships of Custom/Production bike building, placing 3rd. We designed this bike as an answer to the Choppers that were too long and clumsy. This compact, well handling Chop serves up Chopper attitude without sacrificing handling. It is also a good choice for taller customers who like the bobber/chopper style bikes.
Starting at $28,225
The Rocketeer placed 4th at the World Championships of Custom/Production bike building and was selected a “Partner Pick of Excellence.” The Rocketeer’s art deco styling & sensuous flowing lines are as unique as they are visually aggressive in this modern day bobber.
Starting at $30,615
In keeping with our legacy of designing timeless bikes, we have just revealed our 2014 Vintage American, a blending of vintage & modern styling, combined with the use of uncompromising, high quality components.The Vintage American comes standard with a choice of vintage reproduction motors from S&S.; The results are an uncompromisingly crafted, timelessly styled motorcycle, that will look great and be reliable for years to come.
Starting at $36,995
The Epic Chopper placed 4th at the 2012 World Championships of Custom/Production bike building. It shares the same chassis as the 69 Chopper. However is sports some very unique signature components, like a Pinche’ fuel tank with a machined crown filler cap, G4 wheels, ISR controls and more.