Bike Kits

Step 1: Select a bike kit
Phase 1: Rolling Chassis
Starting at $2,995     See all specs & options

Frame: Standard Frame 34 degrees 0" up, 0" out
Front End: Springer: Black
Front Wheel size: 21" x 2.15 (90mm tire)
Rear Wheel size: 16" x 3.5” (140mm tire)
Front wheel: Wheels chrome 40 spoke
Rear wheel: Wheels chrome 40 spoke
Front Tire: Avon Cobras: 90mm/21" black wall tire
Rear Tire: Avon Cobras: 140mm/16" black wall tire
Handle Bars: Drag bars
Risers: 4" tall risers, chrome
Rear Sprocket
Rear axle
Axle adjuster bolts
Head Bearings Tapered
Head Bearing Races
Dust shield
Neck cups
Phase 2: Sheet Metal & Accessories
Starting at $997     See all specs & options

Fuel tank: Flat side sporty 2.4 gallon
Gas cap: Traditional round low profile: Chrome
Petcock fuel valve: chrome
Oil tank: Flat side round w/battery tray: raw
Rear Fender: 6.5” for 140mm tire fitment. Stamped fender, untrimmed
Seat: Traditional Seat Springs
Heavy Duty isolators for oil tank
Oil tank rear bracket front & rear brackets
Oil tank drain plug
Oil tank hose nipples
Fuel filter, chrome
Fender struts kit (not welded)
Seat Pivot hinge and mount
Seat Springs
Darwin Motorcycles Tag bracket w/LED light
Phase 3: Brakes & Controls
Starting at $1,557     See all specs & options

Brakes Front Wheel: Wilwood GP300 caliper for springer w/Brass Balls hanger: polished
Brakes Rear Wheel: Wilwood GP300 caliper, polished w/hanger
Foot Controls: Foot Controls - Chrome
Hand Controls: Black: Master Cylinder, brake lever & Clutch lever (cable style)
Grips: Avon old school rubber, black
Signals and Switch Housings: None. No Switch housings or signal switches
Brake Banjo Fitting, 45 degree (2 each)
Brake Banjo Fitting, 15 degree (2 each)
Brake hose #3, 30” front, 40” rear
Brake Banjo Bolt 10mm 3/8 - 24 (2 each)
Brake Switch (2 each)
Brake Switch Boot (2 each)
Motion Pro Throttle Cable 32.5” black
Motion Pro Idle Cable 32.5” black
Motion Pro Clutch Cable 62.75” black
Brake Heim joint assembly, front
Brake Rotor Front, Satin
Brake Rotor Rear, Satin
Throttle housing
Cable clamp
Phase 4: Powertrain
Starting at $6,985     See all specs & options

Motor: Ultima : 107” Natural w/ Chrome Rocker Boxes
Motor Finish: Natural
Motor certification: none
Transmission: Ultima 6 speed: natural w/chrome covers
Primary Drive: Ultima 2" Belt Drive, Old School: Natural
Exhaust Pipes: D&D; Performance Brass Balls 2 into 1 Fat Slash
Exhaust Pipes Finish: Raw metal
Offset Transmission sprocket .9”
Transmission sprocket nut & washer
Clutch Push Rod
O-ring chain
Chain Guard
Oil Filter
Oil Filter Mount
3/8” Fuel Oil Hose
Throttle Cable Guide
Line Clamps
Upper Motor Mount w/Coil Bracket
Exhaust Gaskets (2 each)
Drivetrain Hardware
Rear Spacer .500
14” Polished Shift Linkage
Coil, Single Fire
Spark Plug Wires
Phase 5: Electrical
Starting at $1,420     See all specs & options

Starter: Starter 1.4 KW top post (All Balls)
Speedometer: Mechanical speedo with 2:1 drive unit
Headlight: Bobber headlight Chrome 5-3/4” w/mount & 12V halogen bulb
Tail Lights: Lighting, Turn Signal Kit (set of 4)
Ignition Key Switch
Battery Wire
Battery Terminal 1/4”
Battery Terminal 5/16”
Fuse and Holder, 30A
Voltage Regulator 32 amp (Cycle Electric)
Stator, 32 amp
Rotor (internal)
Battery Braille 2015
Battery Cushion
Battery Cable/Starter Post Boot
1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, & 1” dual wall
Brass Balls Wiring Harness
Horn, Mini, chrome
Battery Strap
Bracket for Ignition Switch
All 5 Phases: Bike Kit
Starting at $13,954     See all specs & options

Rolling Chassis
Sheet Metal & Accessories
Brakes & Controls