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The 69 Chopper made it’s debut at the 2010 AMD World Championships of Custom Bike Building (production class), placing 3rd. We designed this bike as an answer to the Choppers that were too long and clumsy. This compact, well handling chop serves up Chopper attitude without sacrificing handling. It is also a good choice for taller customers who like the bobber/chopper style bikes.

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 Frame Structure / suspension $0.00
 Motor & Powertrain $0.00
 Wheels & Tires $0.00
 Brakes $0.00
 Tanks & Caps $0.00
 Fenders $0.00
 Controls - Grips & Pegs $0.00
 Lighting - Gauges - Mirrors $0.00
 Bars - Risers - Signals $0.00
 Seating & Passenger set-up $0.00
 Finish $0.00
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Base price: $27,335

Total: $27,335
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