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American Iron Magazine showcases the Model 1SChris Maida, Editor of American Iron Magazine, liked the what he saw in the Model 1S and ran the motorcycle introduction in the October edition of the magazine.
Dar Holdsworth, Brass Balls’ Bossman had this to say about the Model 1S:

The Brass Balls’ Model 1S is the very essence of our bikes, it’s built for an adrenaline rush and delivers outstanding performance in a Hot Rod inspired-package that out accelerates, out turns and out stops muscle cars.

American Iron Magazine showcases the Model 1S

The Model 1S looks exactly like its sibling, the Model 1. The difference is that the S has a hidden rear suspension, which delivers the hardtail look in a softail-style package. Combined with the suspended seat, riders will enjoy miles of compliant suspension that soak up the bumps and dips in the road.

Just a few weeks ago Maida was in Sturgis touring with the S for a week and ha this to say about it:

How the hell is he making any money… This is a lot of bike for the jack…
Just hit it with a hose and go… you got to like it, it’s a sweet package.

To answer Maida’s question… the BossMan knows it is a tough economy and is helping out with an incentive package where he has priced the custom-production Model 1S at just $16,995. It is for a limited time and orders are backing up. So give him a call at 405-270-0995 to discuss the best value in a custom bike today.

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