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Of all the bikes we have built and offer, when I just want to feel cool, I jump on a Chopper. It’s a bike that people know is cool without having to be told... The bike oozes coolness and does so without all the extra nonsense typically associated with the latest fads. 

Our Chopper Bike Kit is based on the same platform as our award winning 69 Chopper, which made it’s debut at the 2010 AMD World Championships of Custom/Production Bike Building, placing 3rd. It was also the Official Bike of Daytona Bike Week in 2011. We designed this bike as an answer to the choppers that were too long and clumsy. This compact well handling chop serves us Chopper attitude without sacrificing handling. This Chopper is also a great bike for taller people (typically above 6’1”) who like the bobber/chopper style but might feel a bobber is too small for them.

Complete Kit $15,950

Our base kit is comprised of the best mix of quality components at an affordable price. Like the bikes we build, each phase includes additional options & upgrades for you to choose from. We start with the budget conscious customer in mind and offer optional upgrades as desired.

Through many years of building custom/production award winning bikes, we’ve learned which parts have the quality needed to build a safe and lasting motorcycle. We offer these components to you in our bike kits, from budget minded parts to the highest grade specialty parts, the quality is there.

Here’s a list of what comes standard in the Chopper Complete Kit. Listed below in 5 Phases, which can be purchased separately or all together.

Phase 1 : Rolling Chassis (Starting at $       )

The core of your bike is the frame. We offer you the same frames we use to build our award winning Darwin Motorcycle’s line of bikes. All of our frames are built to exacting standards and hand made in the USA.

This is where the foundation of your vision begins. Select from a rigid or softail frame, a springer or hydraulic front end, size & style of wheels, handle bars & risers and you are off to a great start on the foundation of your bike.


  • Jig welded 1” tube frame made from 1026 DOM steel with 1/56 wall thickness. Comes with MSO stamped into frame and MSO paperwork for use when registering your completed motorcycle.
  • Logo laser cut gusset plate, welded in frame.
  • Standard frame specs are 36 degrees neck rake with 3” up stretch and 1” out stretch.
  • Softail option available.
  • 3/4” dia. rear axle.
  • Axle adjuster bolts (set).
  • Neck Fork cups (2), chrome.
  • Head bearing Races.
  • Tapered head roller bearings (2).
  • Dust shield, chrome.
  • Rear sprocket, chrome, 48 tooth.
  • Hub spacer, .500”

Front end

  • Black stock length, springer front end with chrome springs, lower rockers and top clamp.
  • optional wishbone front legs available to interchange with standard squared off legs.
  • optional traditional tapered leg springer available.

Wheels & Tires

  • Front Wheel: 21” x 2.15” chrome 60 spoke wheel with sealed bearings for 3/4” axle.
  • Rear Wheel: 18” x 5.5” chrome 60 spoke wheel with sealed bearings for 3/4” axle.
  • Front Tire: Avon Cobra 90mm / 21” black wall tire.
  • Rear Tire: Avon Cobra 180mm / 18” black wall tire.
  • Tire tubes front & rear.
  • Optional 21” x 3” front wheel & 21/120mm front tire combination. 

Handle Bars

  • Standard Chopper bars in either Chrome or Black
  • Optional Tracker Bars available with use of springer risers adapter.
  • Optional Frisco Bars available with use of springer risers adapter.
  • Optional Chump Bars available with use of springer risers adapter.
  • Optional Mustache Bars available with use of springer risers adapter.
  • Optional Drag Bars available with use of springer risers adapter.
  • 4” tall chrome bar risers with hidden mounting bolts.
  • Optional 2” tall speedster bar risers with use of double ended thread bolts.

Phase 2 : Sheet Metal & Accessories (Starting at $   )

Here’s where your bike takes shape. We offer you the same fuel tank, oil tank, fender, seat, etc., that we use on our production/custom bikes. 

Sheet Metal

  • Fuel tank: 3.2 gallon flat side, chopper tank with hidden mounting under tank.
  • Oil tank: Flat sided round with incorporated battery tray and chrome top filler/dip stick.
  • Optional Horseshoe oil tank available in raw or chrome.
  • Rear Fender: CNC spun to 8.5” width for use with 180mm tire fitment. Untrimmed.


  • Fuel filler cap: Chrome, vented, low profile, round.
  • Optional Brass Balls Performance machined cap available.
  • Petcock fuel valve, chrome.
  • Optional Golan ball bearing fuel valve available.
  • Fuel filter, chrome.
  • Bung & mounting kit for fuel tank.
  • Heavy Duty isolators for oil tank
  • Front & Rear mounting brackets for oil tank
  • Oil tank drain plug
  • Oil tank hose nipples
  • Oil tank line fittings
  • Fender strut kit including 2 each 12” steal round bar, 4 each bung ends, 2 each fender mount bungs


  • No-Sip Brass Balls Performance seat pan made from 11 gauge thick steal and mounting bolts welded to the seat pan for mounting to rear coil springs and front pivot mount.
  • Traditional coil seat springs
  • Optional No-Slip seat pan with NO rear mounting bolts for rear coil springs. This is for customers who might want to mount their seat using Chopper Shox or another method.
  • Optional No-Slip seat with mounting studs, wrapped in veg tan leather, embossed with Skull Racer logo, riveted perimeter, and stained black.
  • Seat pivot hinge and mount
  • Optional Chopper Shox available for use with seat pan with no rear mount studs.

License Plate Bracket

  • Tag bracket with laser cut logo and hole drilled for mounting. 
  • LED white light for license tag illumination

Phase 3 : Brakes & Controls (Starting at $  )

Braking is as important as acceleration. Don’t underestimate the need for great brakes. We’ve made it easy by supplying you with incredible braking options. Controlling your bike is vital. You need solid controls that work as good as they look, and feel like an extension of yourself. We have options of different hand controls & grips. The ISR hand controls are incredible and if you are inclined to use the best, don’t pass them up. If you want clean, understated switch housings, the ISR again are our preferred choice.

Calipers & Rotors

  • Front Caliper: Brass Balls Performance 4 piston Retro Caliper by Wilwood for use with springer front end, using our BBP springer hanger bracket.
  • Optional Signature 4 piston caliper, black with contrasting white logo on face, for use with springer front end, using our BBP springer hanger bracket.
  • Rear Caliper: Brass Balls Performance 4 piston Retro Caliper by Wilwood for use with rear hanger bracket.
  • Optional Signature 4 piston caliper, black with contrasting white logo on face, for use with machined & polished rear hanger bracket. 
  • Front Rotor: Wilwood high performance stainless rotor, satin finish.
  • Rear Rotor: Wilwood high performance stainless rotor, satin finish.

Brake Accessories

  • Brass Balls Performance Springer caliper hanger bracket, machined from billet aluminum, including Brass Balls Cycles script, polished.
  • Rear Brake hanger bracket for Retro caliper.
  • Optional Rear Brake hanger bracket for Signature caliper available.

         • Brake Heim Joint assembly for front caliper/hanger

  • Brake Banjo fitting, 45 degree (2 each)
  • Brake Banjo fitting, 15 degree (2 each)
  • Brake Banjo bolt, 10mm 3/8 - 24 (2 each)
  • Brake hose #3, 30” front
  • Brake hose #3, 40” rear
  • Brake switch (2)
  • Brake switch boots (2)


        • Motion Pro Throttle cable 32.5” black

  • Motion Pro Idle cable 32.5” black
  • Motion Pro Clutch cable 62.75” black
  • Cable clutch clamp 1-1/4” dia.

Hand Controls

  • Chrome 9/16” Master Cylinder, brake lever and cable clutch lever.
  • Optional Black 9/16” Master Cylinder, brake lever and cable clutch lever available.
  • Optional Signal Switch Housings (chrome) with black switches and wiring available.
  • Optional Signal Switch Housings (black) with black switches and wiring available.
  • Chrome Throttle Housing
  • Optional Black Throttle Housing available. 

  • Optional ISR Master Cylinder, brake lever and cable clutch lever available, clear ano.
  • Optional ISR Master Cylinder, brake lever and cable clutch lever available, black ano.
  • Optional Signal Switch Housings with buttons & switches (no wiring) available. No wiring because these buttons/switches are non-descript and you can make them operate any function you wish.

Foot Controls

  • Foot controls are softail configuration to incorporate mounting of kickstand. Machined from billet aluminum and chromed.
  • Optional black foot controls available.

  • Kickstand, chrome with return spring. For mount to softail style forward controls.
  • Kickstand stop. Keeps the kickstand from hitting primary drive.


  • Avon Old School rubber grips for use with 1” diameter bars
  • Optional solid Brass Knurled grips available.


        •  Retro, Radius arm mirrors, chrome (2)

        •  Optional bar end mirrors, black.

        •  Optional bar end mirrors, silver.

Phase 4 :  Power Train (Starting at $  )

The motor you put in your bike speaks to your personality and riding style. Is it power you want or vintage style? Are you looking for a motor that provides “the best bang for your buck”, or do you want a motor built by a company with a 55 year heritage of building performance quality V-Twins? The heart & soul of your bike is your power train. We have an option that’s perfect for you.


  • Ultima 107” evolution style motor with natural finished cylinder cases, chrome rocker box covers and cam cover. Comes with MSO for use when registering your completed motorcycle.
  • Options: There are several options for the motor in your bike, from Ulitima 113” & 120” to S&S 111” & 124” evolutions style, as well as S&S 93” Shovelhead & Panhead options. Choice of natural, silver or black. EPA/CARB California emissions certified motors also available. 


  • Ultima 6 speed transmission with natural cast case finish and chrome top & side covers.

        • Optional Rivera 6 speed transmission available.

  • Optional Baker 6 speed transmission available.
  • Optional Kicker kit with kicker arm and brass peddle for use with Rivera transmission available. When using kicker application, exhaust pipes must be configured in a manner that allows for clearance for the kicker in full range of motion.

Primary Drive

  • Ultima 2” Belt Drive, Old School, polished
  • Options: There are several options for the primary drive on your bike, from BDL 2” belt drives, Baker 2.4” Synchronous belt drives, and enclosed wet/chain drive. Available in polished, black and chrome.

Exhaust Pipes

        •  2 into 1 Performance exhaust, mandrel bent, with Fat Slash muffler, Raw, ready for ceramic coating.

        •  Optional builders kit to build your own custom exhaust.


  • Offset transmission sprocket .9”
  • Transmission sprocket nut & washer
  • Clutch Push rod
  • XLO Diamond O-Ring chain
  • Chain guard to be mounted to the frame
  • Oil Filter, black
  • Oil Filter Mount
  • 3/8” GoodYear oil hose
  • Throttle Cable Guide
  • Line clamps
  • Upper Motor Mount with coil mount
  • Shift linkage, 14”, polished
  • Drivetrain hardware, Grade 8
  • Single Fire Coil
  • Exhaust gaskets (2)
  • Spark Plug wires
  • 3 quarts, Driven engine oil
  • 1 quart, Driven transmission oil

Phase 5 : Electrical (Starting at $   )

Most problems bike owners face is electrical related. You will benefit from our experience building bikes, as we have determined the best compliment of electrical components to provide your bike starting power and charge it needs for a long hassle free life. The components included in electrical phase are as follows:

  • Brass Balls Wire Harness: Included in our kit is a custom wire harness made for our bikes by Wire Plus. It comes complete with wire diagram.
  • All Balls 1.4 KW top post starter
  • Mechanical speedometer with 2:1 ratio drive unit
  • Optional Digital black face speed with sending unit available.
  • Ignition key switch and keys
  • Bracket for ignition switch
  • Battery wire
  • Battery Terminal 1/4”
  • Battery Terminal 5/16”
  • Fuse & holder, 30 amp
  • Voltage Regulator, 32 amp, (Cycle Electric)
  • Stator, 32 amp
  • Rotor (internal)
  • Battery, Braille 2015 (Braille is a leader in the high performance arena)
  • Battery cushion
  • Battery cable / starter post boot
  • Battery strap
  • 1/4”, 3/8”, 1/2”, & 1” dual wall
  • Horn, mini, chrome


  • Bobber headlight, Chrome, 5-3/4” with mount and 12V halogen bulb.
  • Optional Brass Balls Performance LED headlight with machined aluminum housing and mounting bracket, polished.
  • Optional Brass Balls Performance LED headlight with machined aluminum housing and mounting bracket, black.
  • Tail lights: Chrome bullet lights (2) with red lens included for use as brake lights. When the option of turn signals is selected, (2) additional chrome bullet lights are included with amber lens for front of bike. The wire harness brain allows for the rear lights to be configured as running lights, brake lights and turn signal lights all in one. The lights are dual element lights. 

Pre-Fabbed Kit $17,450

We mock up your bike for you... Can you believe it?

You get everything that comes in the Complete Kit... plus, your bike is mocked up and all welding is done so you can essentially “bolt your bike together.”

All mounting tabs have been welded in place on your chassis, fender and fuel tank. Wiring holes located and drilled out. Fender has been cut and shaped. Mounting bungs are welded to fender and threaded. Rear fender struts are welded precisely for perfect fitment of your rear fender to your chassis or swing arm. Seat tabs are mounted. Custom wheel spacers are made to position wheels in perfect alignment with brake calipers and powertrain driveline.

At Darwin Motorcycles, we eat, sleep and dream bikes... It is the very essence of who we are and what we do. Our company was not started to see how much money we could make. It was born out of our passion to design and build the most incredible, uncompromising American motorcycles. That passion continues to burn in us to this day. It is our driving force in crafting each bike. We do not concern ourselves with the latest bike trends, rather, in thoughtfully designing and building high quality motorcycles with a focus on timeless design, performance, and above all, safety.

Since day one, we have surrounded ourselves with amazing talent and have built a team that has created motorcycles that are sought after and have won the world championships of custom/production bike building not once... but twice.

We have a responsibility to our community as well as our customers, our vendors as well as our employees. Everyone here works together for the sole purpose of achieving excellence in what we offer. It is seated in everything we do. We use the latest technologies and the highest quality components to build incredible motorcycles at a great value to our customers.

We are a family run business and therefore, everyone who works with us and customers we work for become part of the family. There is no big corporation red tape here. We all work together, passionately, for you.

Buying a custom/production motorcycle is a serious decision. Building a motorcycle using our bike kits is a serious undertaking and should be considered carefully.

We want you to know who we are, what we do and why we do it. A project the scope of building a motorcycle should be considered carefully and is a serious decision that we take serious in how we serve you. A decision to build your own bike requires information, support and trust. We will be here with you along the way to achieving this amazing accomplishment. Should you choose to move forward and build a Brass Balls Cycles kit bike, we will be here with you every step of the way, to answer questions, provide the components you need, support & information and to celebrate your accomplishment with you.

Working with integrity.

Helping you to make your dreams of a bike a reality.

We look forward to working with you. Thank you for your consideration.

Order a Complete Kit

Since 2006, we have helped hundreds of people configure and order their custom production bike that we hand crafted for them.

After many requests for bike kits and rollers, we decided to offer bike kits in a similar fashion... fully customizable, configure to order, one customer at a time.

There are a number of ways to place an order, over the phone, in person, or online (individual phases only). Full kit orders can be initiated also by placing a $1,000 deposit which can be made online.

No matter what the method you use, there are important questions to be answered so we can help ensure your bike will be configured the right way for you.

If you want to order by phone call us at (405) 270-0995 and we’ll step through your order together.

What to expect:

In order to schedule production of your Complete bike kit, we require a deposit of $1,000 for any Brass Balls Cycles Complete Kit. It’s not crucial that your order is 100% complete as you can make changes within the first 10 days of placing your order.

After we receive your order we will send you a deposit receipt, an invoice that indicates your target ship date and balance due.

Between order point and your actual production date, an engineer/tech support person will call you and review your order. Our engineers will review the configuration of your order and make sure it is accurate and makes sense.

After your consultation, a member of the tech support team will contact you for final payment. You will receive a final work-order detailing the specs of your bike kit.

Once all components of your kit are complete and ready to ship, we will work with shipping companies to get the best shipping rate possible for you. We will communicate with you and to arrange pick-up or shipping times.

We’ve built hundreds of bikes and won countless awards. When it comes to bike building, we have the knowledge & expertise to be the best bike building mentor you’ll want and need as you accomplish building your bike.

Welcome to the Brass Balls Cycles family!

Configure Today