Part 3: IronWorks/Bikernet/Brass Balls Bobbers Giveaway Bike

Part 3: 2010 Win a Brass Balls Bobber MotorcycleThere’s been so much hoopla about the Model 1 from Brass Balls Bobbers that

I feel many of you already know about its components and how well it’s built. But in the interest of being thorough, I’ll cover some of this again.

Truth is, we at Darwin Motorcycles are somewhat overwhelmed (in a good way!) with orders for this cool, and really affordable, bobber.

But first I’d like to congratulate the winner of the 2009 IronWorks/Brass Balls Bobber, Dennis Murray of Tucson, Arizona. Dennis and his wife recently took a road trip to Oklahoma City to visit our new shop.

Even though his intentions were to personally pick up his new bike and take it back to Tucson with him, when he found out that the bike was to be photographed for a 2010 calendar, he graciously allowed us to keep it for a few more weeks. I guess we know what Dennis’s riding buddies are getting this Christmas!

Now, back to the 2010 Giveaway Bike, the Model 1. Can you believe this bike is $15,995? Some of our customers can’t, either, but those that do have placed their orders! On that note, here is an important point to keep in mind: the price will be going up later this year. Not a lot, but to a price point where, based on the sum of its components, it belongs.

Part 3: 2010 Win a Brass Balls Bobber Motorcycle

But for now BBB has just been charging less for this bike, and it’s our way of giving back to the bike community who has been so supportive of us during the past few years since we opened for business.

In coming issues we’ll talk more about how our 2010 giveaway bike will be built. We’ll focus on the building of the Model 1 and the components used, and we’ll reveal why certain parts were used together and why that makes the bike such an outstanding choice. In the meantime, sign up so you can win this bike when we select the winner next January.

Part 3: 2010 Win a Brass Balls Bobber Motorcycle

How many contests have you entered, and once you’ve submitted your entry it—along with thousands of others—ends up on the dark side of the moon? You never find out who won the contest (although you certainly know that it wasn’t you!), so you might even suspect that you’ve been had. Well, those rules don’t apply here, and we’re pleased to announce that Dennis Murray of Oro Valley, Arizona, is the winner of last year’s IronWorks/BBB/Bikernet Giveaway Bike.

Associate sponsors included: Tauer Machine, W8LESS Technologies, Trailer In a Bag, Gatorz, Carl’s Speed Shop, Torian Leathers, Metzeler Tires, Todd’s Cycle, Amsoil, Battery Tender, Art of the Chopper, Saddlemen Seats, D&D Exhaust, Baker Drivetrain, Hawg Halters, Crazy Horse, Biker Pros, and .

Bobbers Choppers Winner

So how can you win the 2010 bike? Simple: when you subscribe to or renew your IronWorks subscription you’re automatically entered. Then sit back, enjoy the read, and wait for our announcement early next year. And we promise we’ll let everybody know who the winner is!

Our Model 1 giveaway bike will have some unique styling features, such as an antiqued tank badge, and we even hope to find the missing link to its chain, so stay tuned. The IW/BBB Model 1 is one model you’ll want to own.

Program Details

  • Contest begins: March 10, 2009
  • Contest ends: Midnight, January 31, 2010
  • Eligibility: Subscribe or renew your IW subscription
  • Delivery: 2010 Daytona Bike Week
  • Rules of the Program

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