Part 5: Paint That Giveaway Bobber

Take Home THis Bobber

As you see on this month’s cover, we’re getting close to completing our Brass Balls Bobbers Giveaway bike. The crew at BBB still has a few last-minute additions to make, so we won’t show you the competed bike until next issue. And you still have time to win this sled… Pin the throttle back on your mouse and register today to win the giveaway Digger.

For now, we’ll confine our discussion to the bike’s paint. In Brass Balls Bobbers fashion, this bike reports for duty with a translucent paint job over raw metal.

We can show you some of the steps involved in the paint process, but BBB’s Dar Holdsworth coyly told us that under no circumstances would he allow us to reveal the entire painting secret.

“That’s what makes a Brass Balls Bobbers so special,” said Dar. “It’s our paint jobs.”

Dar also pointed out that the billet wheels he hoped to have for this project couldn’t be developed in time. “So we’ve chosen DNA’s Mammoth Spoke wheel for this bike,” he said.

In the meantime we’re going to show you how Aaron Glenn of Glenndyne Design fabricated and painted the gas tank. Aaron created a faux gauge panel on the tank, one that we think is especially cool and different. So follow along as Aaron fabricates the panel and paints the tank. And if you haven’t done so already, sign up for an IronWorks subscription, or renew your existing one, so that you’re entered to win this bike.

Remember, entry deadline is the last day in January 2009!

The pseudo-gauge panel that Aaron Glen created is rather unique and stylish, setting the giveaway bike apart from other bobbers. The trick was to seal the rivet holes.

Aaron measured and marked where he would drill the rivet holes. He later inserted brass rivets to help create the tank’s old look.

Next he drilled holes in the fabricated faux gauge panel, aligning the holes with those on the tank. It was ready for the brass rivets to give the tank its old-school appearance.

Logos, graphics and highlights are airbrushed over the paint. The final finish is given a clear coat. Here you can see the familiar Brass Balls Bobbers logo on the giveaway bike’s gas tank.

Aaron applied different colors with the airbrush to accent the bike’s tins with an aged look.

Win a Custom Bobber from Brass Balls Bobbers The closer you look the more you see… The Brass Balls logo for one.

Win a Custom Bobber from Brass Balls BobbersYou can see the metal work through the paint, a real innovative style.

Win a Custom Bobber from Brass Balls BobbersZero growth tires from Metzeler allows for that slammed look.

Win a Custom Bobber from Brass Balls BobbersOld School meets New School

The finished fender, oil tank and gas tank, ready for the bike.

Selecting a Winner on January 31, 2009
So there you have it—seat, controls, exhaust and a first look at BBB’s first-ever billet wheels. Remember, we’ll select the bike winner on January 31, 2009. Who will that person be? Well, just keep in mind that old adage that says you have to enter to win. So if you’ve entered, it could be you. Good luck!

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Speaking of finished bike, we’ll be showing you some of the final build and paint prep photos in the next issue of Iron Works and shortly thereafter on, then look for the build’s conclusion in the January/February issue.

You Are Eligible

Also keep in mind that if you start or renew your subscription to IW before January 31, 2009, you’ll be automatically eligible to win this bike. May the best subscriber win! Rev up your mouse and register today to win the giveaway Digger.

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