Podcast: Crazy Horse Has 100CI Engines – Get the details

Crazy Horse Podcast

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John White of Crazy Horse LLC builds Indian-style engines as a replacement for Harley-Davidson EVOs and the bikes built by Indian Motorcycle Company in Gilroy, California. These EVO-based powerplants were purchased from Performance Assembly Solutions (PAS), a Michigan based company and division of Roush Racing/Ford.

White made over 17 significant improvements on the engine and renamed the original Power Plus engine to V-Plus. More details are located at http://www.crazyhorsemotorcycles.com. His engine is the muscle in the Brass Balls Bobbers / Bikernet / IronWorks Giveaway Bobber. To win the engine and the bobber checkout www.ironworksmag.com.

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With a strong team at the helm and a slate of innovative, high-performance designs that blend vintage with contemporary, Darwin Motorcycles is primed and quickly becoming one of the leading motorcycle shops in the country attracting new riders and setting trends through their Above Average Bobber program.

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NHTSA Manufacturer

Darwin Motorcycles, manufacturer of Brass Balls Bobbers & Choppers, is a registered & licensed NHTSA Manufaturer and listed with Kelley Blue Book and N.A.D.A. services. Our bikes are easy to finance and insure.

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