Part 4 – The Brass Balls Bobbers/Bikernet/IronWorks Exhausting Tale

Can You Hear Me Now? The Giveaway Bobber gets a deep throated rumble.

D&D Performance Exhaust Pipe System

With apologies to a credit card company whose television commercial was popular a few years ago, our theme this month for our Brass Balls Bobber Giveaway Bike is “ownership has its privileges.”

And so we’re privileged to share with you some first-time photos of products that have been only recently developed by Darwin Motorcycles (parent company of Brass Balls Bobbers) specifically for this bike. By the way, these same parts will become production items, available for future BBB bikes that Darwin Motorcycles will offer to the public.

Hand controls by Todd’s Cycle

Todd’s Cycle Brass Hand Controls

But enough about customer bikes, let’s talk about your new bike. You know, the one that you’ll win because you subscribed or re-newed your subscription to IronWorks Magazine.

This installment focuses in particular on the exhaust for the Crazy Horse 100 engine, the Rich Phillips custom leather seat, foot and hand controls by Todd’s Cycle, and a sneak peek at Brass Balls Bobbers’ first-ever billet wheels.

We’ll start with the exhaust, which, when it’s completed, will feature a new, exclusive finish by BBB, what they call the Faux Ti. This is essentially a finish to the stainless steel surface that, when completed, resembles titanium. Using a special bead-blasting technique BBB is able to make stainless steel tubing look like titanium.

“It has the strength of stainless steel, with the look of titanium,” said Dar Holdsworth, of Darwin Motorcycles/Brass Balls Bobbers.

A New Titanium-look Exhaust Built from Stainless Steel

Connection with D&D Performance Enterprises
Fact is, Darwin Motorcycles worked long and hard with D&D Performance Exhaust to develop this 2-into-1-style system that meets EPA regulations, delivers improved performance, looks great and offers customizable options for their customers. The new system includes a common header pipe design that accepts any of three muffler concepts.

“We developed a set of headers that are common to each bike,” said Dar. “Then the customer can choose from a Fat Slash Cut, a Reverse Megaphone or a Sport Canister muffler.” The systems will be available with Faux Ti finish, or more conventional stainless, aluminized or black ceramic coatings. “We’ll unveil the Faux Ti finish for the first time on the IronWorks/Brass Balls Bobber Giveaway Bike,” added Dar, hinting, too, that the Bobber will sport the reversed megaphone system.

The D&D Performance Exhaust for Harley Build Process

Pipe is measured & cut It is then bent to size
Pipe is placed in jig to weld at correct angle Each Pipe is anchored and welded to specificaiton
After cuts & welds the pipe is ground smooth Exhaust Pipe is placed on bike for final fit

Now, Let’s Talk Wheels

Expect another first-time feature on your bike.

“Here’s a sneak peek at a computer rendering of our new billet wheel upgrade,” explained Dar. “After many hours and revisions, we’ve come up with a wheel that has great style, performance and uniqueness. Check back next issue to see the real thing.”

New BBB Billet Wheel

The “real thing” is the first-ever billet wheel on a BBB bike.

In the meantime this issue shows the real deal in terms of the custom seat that Rich Phillips stitched for the bike, and the cool brass handgrips and foot pegs that Todd Sicilanto of Todd’s Cycle built for the bike.

“Both of these men are accomplished bike builders in their own right, and we’re glad to have them as part of this project,” said Dar.

Custom Hand-tooled Leather Seat from Rich Phillips

Rich Phillips Custom Seat

Rich started out doing this type of work at the of 15 when I went to work for my uncle at his upholstery shop. After years of apprenticeship he broke out and has never looked back.

Rich’s specialty is tooled veg tanned leather, with custom art work. The giveaway bobber seat is extra comfy because it includes medical grade gel pad.

Selecting a Winner on January 31, 2009
So there you have it—seat, controls, exhaust and a first look at BBB’s first-ever billet wheels. Remember, we’ll select the bike winner on January 31, 2009. Who will that person be? Well, just keep in mind that old adage that says you have to enter to win. So if you’ve entered, it could be you. Good luck!

Brass Balls Bobbers Motorcycle Resources

Brass Balls Bobbers

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma


Rich Phillips Cycles

Hazelwood, Missour


Todd’s Cycle

Huntington Beach, California


D&D Performance Exhaust

Fort Worth, Texas


Speaking of finished bike, we’ll be showing you some of the final build and paint prep photos in the next issue of Iron Works and shortly thereafter on, then look for the build’s conclusion in the January/February issue.

You Are Eligible

Also keep in mind that if you start or renew your subscription to IW before January 31, 2009, you’ll be automatically eligible to win this bike. May the best subscriber win! Rev up your mouse and register today to win the giveaway Digger.

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