Part 3: It’s A Crime To Giveaway This Bobber

At The Crime Scene

The Giveaway Bobber roller debuted at the Bikernet Brouhaha, the biker event that rocked the Thunder Dome in Sturgis. The sled was displayed at the Bikernet booth with Brass Balls Bobbers’ Capo, Dar Holdsworth, on hand discussing his latest creation.

Pictured below are the Crime Scene Choppers’ line of Rapide parts, including the headlight, taillight and left-side air cleaner for the Crazy Horse engine. The team at Brass Balls Bobbers especially like the brass accents, which will go well with the finished motorcycle’s overall design.

Crime Scene Light Crime Scene Air Cleaner
Crime Scene Choppers’ Headlight Crime Scene Choppers’ Air Cleaner

Win a Custom Bobber Win A Bobber
Crime Scene Choppers’ Rear Tail Light The Bobber @ Sturgis

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Back to the Show

Connecting that Baker transmission is a Tauer Machine primary and clutch assembly. We feel the whole unit is clean and straightforward in appearance, and again, we can’t wait to see how the components come together on your finished bike… We mean “Your” because of the raffle opportunity. Just click on the banner below to enter. There’s no charge, or of course, you can subscribe to IronWorks.

Free Bobber Banner

Speaking of finished bike, we’ll be showing you some of the final build and paint prep photos in the next issue of Iron Works and shortly thereafter on, then look for the build’s conclusion in the January/February issue.

You Are Eligible

Also keep in mind that if you start or renew your subscription to IW before January 31, 2009, you’ll be automatically eligible to win this bike. May the best subscriber win!

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