Part 2 – Building The Giveaway Bobber

You can WIN this Brass Balls Bobbers / IronWorks Magazine / Bikernet giveaway bike by clicking here.

If the frame can be described as the bike’s skeleton, then certainly the powertrain equates to its muscle. By powertrain, we reference the transmission, primary drive and, of course, the engine. In terms of our Brass Balls Bobber giveaway bike, that ensemble includes one of Baker Drivetrain’s all-new Powerbox 6-speed transmissions, a Tauer Machine primary and clutch assembly, and one of Crazy Horse Motorcycles’ 100-cubic-inch engines.

Crazy Horse V-Plus Engine

Since we’re talking about the bike’s muscle, let’s get to the meat of the matter and go right to the engine. Crazy Horse Motorcycles has a somewhat crazy story behind its origins, and the company pretty much got its traction when owner John White bought a bundle of Power Plus 100 engines from the inventory left behind when the Indian Motorcycle Company (Gilroy, California, tribe) folded its tent about six years ago. White and his crew grabbed the remaining engines. The Power Plus was notorious for its crank failures, so White called on Alan Sputhe, one of the top intellects in the V-twin community, for advice on how to remedy the engine’s shortcomings. Sputhe found the solution using lower end components from JIMS Machine, filling the re-engineered cylinders with Keith Black pistons, and capping the “Bottle Cap” engine with modified cylinder heads from Baisley Hi-Performance.

Tauer Machine Belt Drive

The new kid on the block, so to speak, is Tauer Machine, a company formed in 2004 by Jason Tauer. TM’s replacement primary drive system is made from 6061-T6 billet aluminum, and uses a clutch with nine-disc Kevlar fiber plates for traction. Our giveaway bike has TM’s new Renegade system with split belt and split pulleys, and most of all, the retro look.

Baker’s New Powerbox 6-speed Transmission

Baker’s new Powerbox 6-speed transmission completes our powertrain assembly. Looking for a compact 6-speed transmission for your Evo or custom bike? Look no more because this new Baker box is about as small as you’ll find. Baker says it fits all Evolution engines from ’84 to ’99, and it’s available in various configurations and versions. There’s left-side or right-side drive to choose from, in reverse patterns, too. On looks alone, this transmission makes us want to be content with thinking inside the box.

So there you have it, all you throttle jocks—the powertrain to our Brass Balls Bobber giveaway bike. If this gathering of iron, alloy and exotic metals and composites doesn’t excite you, then you need a new hobby or you should put those steroids back in the medicine cabinet. In either case, your hormones ain’t acting right.

We’ll see you next issue with Part 3 of our IW/BBB Giveaway Bike progress report. By then our bike should begin to look even more like the style you selected when you voted on-line last spring.

You can WIN this Brass Balls Bobbers / IronWorks Magazine giveaway bike by clicking here.

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