Part 1: Building The Digger Bobber

It Starts With A Frame

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You can’t officially begin a bike project until you’ve got a place to hang all the bits and pieces. That, of course, means you must start with a frame, and that’s where Part 1 of our giveaway project bike begins. Like all of Brass Balls Bobbers’ frames, this essential foundation for our bike is made of hand-bent tubing that’s hand-fit and hand-welded by a team boasting years of experience at this sort of thing.

In fact, BBB’s frame production is managed by Sam Wills, a 3-time world champion in Top Fuel drag racing. Sam’s been building race bikes and street bikes for 30 years, so he knows a thing or three about frame geometry and material selection.

The accompanying photos and captions explain how each frame—in this case our giveaway bike’s frame—is made.

Build Your Own Digger
Got an itch to build your own Brass Balls Bobbers’ Digger? Well you can! Create your own custom motorbike by Clicking here. Select your options and customize your sled and make it as unique as you are.

Beginning The Frame Building Process
Brass Balls CNC-machines all motor mounts, tranny plates, axle mounts and steering heads. All material used is either cold-finished flat stock or tubing. All tubes are precisely measured and bent by hand.

Frames Are Made of High-Content Carbon
All frame tubes are made of high-content carbon (for stronger welds) 1026 DOM (drawn over mandrel) mild steel with .156” wall thickness. The backbone is 1-1/2” diameter, all other tubing is 1”.

The frame tubes are notched for greater strength
The frame tubes are notched so the rear axle plates seat inside the tube before it is welded on both sides. This gives the frame greater strength, especially at the rigid tail section where torque is felt most.

Brass Balls Bobbers precisely measure all the dimensions
To assure accuracy and straightness, the crew at Brass Balls Bobbers precisely measure all the dimensions, including the axle plates as shown here.

Welding the steering head is a critical step
Welding the steering head is a critical step because correct steering geometry is so important to a bike’s handling performance. All parts are TIG welded by hand to assure complete heat penetration for strength.

Vehicle identification number (VIN), which is stamped into the frame.
We want you to be able to register and insure your bike, so like all Brass Balls bikes, this one will come with a vehicle identification number (VIN), which is stamped into the frame.

Weld joints are pieces of art.
We always appreciate quality workmanship. Here we get a close-up look at the weld joints of our giveaway bike. If there’s ever a case for “no paint,” this is it!

Gimme Nitro!

This bike has nothing at all to do with the bike you’re going to win, but it sure is cool to look at! This is Sam Wills’s new Top Fuel drag bike.
Let's Go Nitro
After a brief hiatus from the sport, Sam is returning to the world of Top Fuel racing, and he intends to shake the establishment with this bike when he debuts it this summer. He calculates engine power at about 1,500 hp.

For the record, many of the same frame building techniques applied to this bike can be found in our giveaway bike’s chassis.

NHTSA Manufacturer

Darwin Motorcycles is a Registered & Licensed NHTSA Manufaturer and listed with Kelley Blue Book. Our bikes are easy to finance and insure. Call 405.285.0808 for more details.

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You can WIN this Brass Balls Bobbers / IronWorks Magazine giveaway by clicking here for details.

Now You Do It
Build Your Own BobberNow it’s your turn to build a Brass Balls Bobbers’ Digger. Become a master builder by selecting from hundreds of options. Build your own sled and see what it takes to create the bike of your dreams by using the Brass Balls’ Builder.

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